Principal Investigator
Edoardo Battaglia, PhD
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Edoardo Battaglia joined the Mechanical Engineering Department of University of Utah as an Assistant Professor in 2022. He is a Core Faculty in the University of Utah Robotics Center. He received his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and his master degree in Robotics and Automation Engineering at University of Pisa, in 2009 and 2013 respectively. He received his PhD in Information Engineering (Robotics Track) from University of Pisa in 2018. Before joining the U he was Postdoctoral Fellow in the Human-Enabled Robotic Technology Laboratory lab (HeroLab) at the University of Texas at Austin. His research interests include design and validation of haptic interfaces, mathematical modeling of the sense of touch and human manipulation and user-centered medical robotics and human-robot interaction.

Graduate Students
Pawan Subedi
Pawan is a mechanical engineering Ph.D. student at the University of Utah. He graduated with a BS in mechanical engineering from the Tribhuvan University, IOE Pulchowk Campus (Nepal). His interests in Haptics and robotics, human-robot interaction, and Machine learning spurred him to join the h-CHAR Lab in the fall of 2022. Pawan’s research at U focuses on the design of haptic interfaces, sensing systems, and human-robot interactions. His other interests include hiking, and watching sports, listening to music.
Mathias Antonin Schoen
Mathias is a mechanical engineering PhD student at the University of Utah. His research focuses on hand pose reconstruction using motion tracking and a suite of sensors mounted to a data glove, with applications to virtual and augmented reality. Mathias' hobbies include graphic design, indie game development, and winter sports - namely skiing.
Joe Liechty is a Mechanical Engineering MS student at the University of Utah. He graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University in 2022. While at BYU, Joe was part of the Mars Rover team, the Global Engineering Outreach (GEO) program and took product design classes at the National University of Singapore. He also published papers while working in BYU's CREATE Lab and the Design Exploration Lab. Joe's research at the U focuses on subjective haptic feedback and human-robot interactions. His goal is to research and design robots that work with people in extreme environments like space or deep underwater.
Tyler Bartunek
Tyler Bartunek is a Mechanical Engineering MS student at the University of Utah. He graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from University of Utah in 2022. His research focuses on quantifying human-environment interactions, with the larger goal of using this information to help develop devices that are intuitive for people to use. Tyler's other interests include hiking, learning about hobbyist-level 3D printing and woodworking, tinkering in Python, as well as sometimes drawing or fishing.
Undergraduate Students
Reynaldo Villarreal Zambrano
Reynaldo Villarreal Zambrano is an undergraduate student at the University of Utah, majoring in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in Data Science. With a strong curiosity in applying these fields to enrich haptic feedback experiences, he is enthusiastic about researching novel applications of emerging technologies. Besides his academic pursuits, Reynaldo enjoys watching movies, playing pickleball, and traveling to new places. He is motivated to leverage his passion for technology and data to create practical solutions that positively impact our day-to-day lives.