• Human Centered Haptics And Robotics Lab

The Human-Centered Haptics and Robotics (h-CHAR) Laboratory focuses on the design and evaluation of robotic and mechatronic systems for human-focused applications, such as sensing of kinematic and interaction forces, haptic feedback and training and assistive tasks. Our vision is to create devices that will be functional not just from an engineering point of view, but also from a user-centered perspective, with the goal of creating technology that will be intuitive to use, and as unobtrusive as possible. We target applications in high-impact settings such as medical care and diagnosis, training and virtual/augmented reality.


Past, present and future research in the lab.

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Meet the current team and alumni at the h-CHAR lab and learn about new lab openings as research assistant.

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Listing of published research papers.

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Director : Edoardo Battaglia,Ph.D.

Email :edoardo.battaglia@utah.edu

Office : MEK 1339

Lab : MEK 1333 (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

University of UTAH